Smok Novo – THE BRAND NEW Coffee of South Korea

Smok Novo – THE BRAND NEW Coffee of South Korea

The most exciting coffees you should have the opportunity to use is Smok Novo. It is an award winning single-origin, fair trade, organic smooth coffee from a small mountain town in Sri Lanka. Smok Novo blends the best possible coffees grown in Sri Lanka with the initial smoky and fruity notes of the local teak wood. It has a mellow aroma that is light on the tongue but deeply rich in flavor. It has hints of vanilla and almond.

Smok Novo

Smok Coffee dates back to 1820 through the reign of Queen Tamilne of Elerake. Since then, it is continuing to grow to become one of Sri Lanka’s most popular choices for gourmet coffee lovers. As well as the delicious taste, Smok can be enjoyed as a morning coffee, after breakfast, through the mid afternoon snack or perhaps a nightly pick me up. There are numerous roasts open to satisfy all tastes. Roasting is performed manually using traditional methods so that the flavors are maintained intact.

A long time ago, Smok was initially discovered by the English if they were searching for a substitute for black coffee. At the time, the people who lived in the area produced a black coffee that has been light in color and had a smoky taste to it. For that reason discovery, the beans were often sold as such to countries where there have been no coffee plantations. Once the independence of Sri Lanka was gained in the year 1960, the country made coffee a national product. Since then, Smok is continuing to grow significantly in popularity and will be within most coffee bars worldwide.

The history of Smok is closely entwined with the annals of Sri Lanka. You can find stories of both the queen and the king drinking coffee out of this single cup which is thought to be over one hundred yrs . old. Today, Smok is continuing Puff Bar to grow to be much more than just a beverage that you buy at the store. It is becoming part of the Sri Lankan culture and is sought out by many when they are looking for good tasting coffee.

Smok is available in many different styles. A few of the more popular include the normal drip coffees which are filtered through paper or mesh, the flavored roasts, Kona and other specialty blends. All have already been perfected to bring out the very best flavor and aroma from the beans.

The easiest way to sample Smok Novo is to sit back with a cup of one’s favorite blend and give it a whirl. Try several different types of roasts and then add ice and milk to help mellow the taste. If you want your coffee cold, try a traditional black blend. For those who prefer their coffee with some kick, get one of these Hawaiian Blue Mountain blends. You will surely find a blend to suit your taste.

Smok can be available in gourmet food markets